At Ellar Graphics we have a talented and dedicated team, passionate about delivering the very best quality in design, printing and signage. To do this, we are consistently evolving our own knowledge and skills to make sure we can stay one step ahead of the competition in this fast paced industry. However without the right equipment, our efforts would be futile. 

We have researched and invested to ensure we have the latest, state of the art equipment, enabling us to provide you with clear, long lasting, vivid designs in a multitude of mediums. 

We have equipment which provides exquisite quality, as well as using materials and inks that are eco-friendly, helping us lower our impact on the environment. Have a look at some of our state of the art equipment….

Mimaki UCJV300

This innovative piece of technology is a versatile inkjet printer with the capabilities of both printing and cutting with UV – curable ink.

This printer is unique in many ways allowing us to offer our client base a wide range of possibilities to utilise the most out of their products. This piece of equipment has a special function which allows us to print two images in one pass.

Mimaki has developed an impressive four-layer printing method, which allows us to switch between two images which have been placed one on top of the other. With the use of a backlight, users can switch between a “night” and a “day” image, providing fantastic and exciting marketing options.

As well as allowing us to provide high resolution and exceptional quality printing to our clients, this series has also allowed us to service your needs quicker than ever. With a highly sophisticated UV drying technique, ink is dried almost immediately, cutting down on any wait time from our customers.

In a time where we are all trying to lower our impact on the environment, Mimaki have developed this printer with that in mind, by developing a new eco-friendly ink.

With this piece of equipment in the hands of our very talented design team the sky’s the limit!

HP 570 Latex Printer

This printer is a valuable addition to the Ellar Graphics office. HP have a well deserved reputation in the printing world with an intense focus on quality results.

With exceptional design based around colour density, this model enables us to bring your bold and eye catching designs to life. HP have designed this model with “day one quality” in mind, with printing capabilities to ensure that over time the quality of the print remains consistently high.

We can use this printer to produce highly saturated prints with up to 50% more ink density, making sure your designs remain vivid and bold to reach their highest marketing potential.

HP is designing end-to-end sustainability into large format printing, and this printer is EPEAT Bronze registered, a designation for reduced environmental impact. By using water based inks, they have eliminated the need for exposure to hazardous inks and high solvent concentrations, making it safer to use for the environment and our team.

Having an environmentally friendly product doesn’t mean skimping on the quality though! This printer has outdoor durability for up to 5 years, laminated or 3 years, unlaminated. With the added bonus of being scratch resistant compared to the standard hard solvent inks.


The ROLLSROLLER® flatbed applicator has revolutionised the finishing stage of the printing industry. Using old fashioned manual processes, limits our capabilities in presenting a product to specifically meet our customers wishes, as well as being strenuous, time consuming and varying results.

By using the ROLLSROLLER® we can maintain consistent high quality results in a fraction of YOUR time. It has posed a technological shift in the sign and printing industry, and offers a swift, accurate platform to apply self-adhesive vinyl, cut vinyl graphics, digital prints and application tapes to many different substrates.

As valuable and essential investing in a high quality printer is, having a piece of equipment like this allows us to finish a product to exquisite standards in 80% less time than before. Anything which allows us to offer consistent high quality results whilst getting your products and services to you at a fraction of the speed, is a valuable asset to us as a company.

To find out more about our products and services, and how we can put this fantastic equipment to use and help you, ​CONTACT​ one of our friendly team today.

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